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Tree of life olive tree

The olive tree complements every style with Mediterranean charm

The olive tree is a special tree in many ways. In the tree horoscope, it is one of the few trees that can only be found on one day, namely September 23rd.

But it is also a special tree in agriculture. Because next to fig tree and grapevine, it is one of the most important cultivated plants. Its fruits have been eaten with pleasure for many centuries. Pressed, the olive oil is a welcome guest in many kitchens. Because with its fine aroma and complex taste nuances, it gives many dishes that certain extra.

Multifaceted jewelry made of olive wood

Olive trees are also characterized by their unique wood. In our latitudes it is one of the hardest types of wood and is therefore particularly robust. The olive wood has a fine and even structure. The color spectrum ranges from yellowish tones to light reddish nuances. A typical feature are the dark stripes. They make our jewelry particularly interesting and unique.

Tree of life olive tree

The olive tree has its day on September 23rd. It is said about olive tree people:

Olive tree people are level-headed, intelligent, versatile and talented,
as friends they are particularly committed.

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