Experience astwerk® with all your senses

At astwerk® we believe that jewelry is much more than just an accessory. It is a connection, an experience and an expression of personality.

From DIY sets that make your creative side shine, to special organizers that combine order and beauty, to workshops in which you can delve deep into the world of astwerk® .

Discover what makes us special beyond our exclusive pieces of jewelry!


jewelry workshops

Discover astwerk® up close! Take part in our jewelry workshops and learn how our jewelry is made or learn to create your own unique piece.

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DIY jewelry packages

Unleash your creativity with our DIY jewelry packages. Create individual pieces of jewelry that suit you exactly and in which you will find a piece of astwerk® .

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Rosenrot | Schmuck-Organizer groß - Holzschmuck Astwerk

jewelry organizer

Order in the branch-style: Discover our unique jewelry organizers, which not only ensure clear structures, but also beautify any interior.

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