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Tree of life hazelnut

The basis of life

The hazelnut tree or bush belongs to the birch family. As a tree, the hazelnut can grow up to 5 meters high. But even as a shrub, it can reach a considerable size and therefore requires a lot of space.

There are over 100 species, with the common hazel being native to Europe and Asia Minor. The hazelnut is an important basis of life for many plants and animals. It is an easy-care and very robust tree. These trees or shrubs prefer to grow in partially shaded areas.

Hazelnut tree of life and the hazelnut-born

Hazelnut-born live relaxed,
they are known to be intuitive, open, honest and charming.

From March 22nd to 31st and September 24th to October 3rd the tree of life hazelnut is in season in the tree horoscope.

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