Find the right size for your wooden jewelry

Do you like a ring but don't know which size is right for your finger? Or would you like to know how long our chains are? We have two tips on how you can easily determine your ring size or determine your chain length.

Which ring fits? Diameter method

The diameter method is very simple. All you need is a ring that already fits you perfectly. Place this ring on a ruler so that you can easily measure the inside diameter. Alternatively, you can also use a caliper. Measure the inside diameter with the two tips of the caliper. Then compare your result with our size chart.

Using the thread method to find the right ring & bangles

The thread method is also very simple. To do this, simply cut out a strip of paper or cut some thread. Then wrap it around your finger or wrist. But be careful not to wrap it too tightly. Mark the place where the thread or strip wraps around your finger or wrist. Now you can place it on a ruler and then compare your measurement result with our size chart. Please give the exact diameter/circumference and do not add a few mm yourself. Our jewelry designers adjust the size perfectly and also pay attention to wearing comfort.

Size Chart_ReDesign


Inside diameter (mm) Ring size circumference (mm)
15.6 49
15.9 50
16.2 51
16.6 52
16.9 53
17.2 54
17.5 55
17.8 56
18.1 57
18.5 58
18.8 59
19.1 60
19.4 61
19.7 62


Bangles wide

Bangles name Arm circumference (mm)
XS 134-144
S 145-160
M 161-170
L 171-183
XL 184-195

Bangles narrow

Bangles name Arm circumference (mm)
XS 134-144
S 145-166
M 167-173
L 174-190
XL 191-200

How long are our chains?

Our chains are available in different lengths from chokers with 38 cm to 80 cm long chains.

If you are still unsure or have any questions, please send an email to - We will be happy to help you.