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Tree of Life Oak

The traditional one

The oak already played a central role in ancient times. In the Celtic tree horoscope, too, the oak tree is an important component with a special feature. As one of 4 trees, it appears only once in the tree horoscope, namely on March 21st, which is also known as "Forest Day".

The 300 to 400 species belong to the beech family. In Austria, 4 species – the pedunculate, sessile, downy and turkey oaks – are relevant. All oaks enjoy a long life. Because some species can live for more than 100 years. Despite the diversity, they all have one thing in common: the shape of the acorn. In the past, these fruits were used as pig feed or as a coffee substitute. Oaks are characterized by their hard and very durable wood.

Oak tree of life and its essential characteristics

People born under the sign of the oak are said to:

Oak people are confident, tolerant and full of energy.
They gladly accept challenges of any kind.

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