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Tree of life Poplar

May's Fast Grower of the Month

The fast-growing poplar is a special tree with a long tradition. It was already known in ancient times. At that time, it was valued for its healing properties and as a useful plant. For example, people at that time made anti-inflammatory ointments from their buds. The poplar owes its name to the ancient Romans. They called her "Populus", in German "Poplar".

The poplars include around 40 different species, which are spread all over the world and are particularly popular in the north. The black poplar is native to us, but so is the aspen. As the name suggests, the aspen is known for its leaves. Because these sit on long stems that make the leaves tremble in the wind.

The poplar tree of life and the poplar-born

As the tree of life, it is closely connected to those people who were born between May 1st and 14th, August 5th and 13th and February 4th and 8th. One says:

Poplars are compliant, reasonable, flexible and intuitive -
nothing goes wrong with them in life.

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