Holzschmuck Astwerk Lebensbaum Kette Kastanie in Silber

Tree of life chestnut

The shade provider under the May trees

Due to their size, chestnuts are particularly popular in parks in urban areas. There they are not only pretty to look at. With their large leaves and much larger treetops, they provide shade for park visitors and animals in summer. No wonder that many like to sit down for a picnic under the chestnut trees and enjoy the day.

But chestnuts don't just have large tree crowns. They can also get pretty big. They can easily reach a height of up to 30 meters. In addition, chestnuts can live for hundreds of years. Chestnuts, especially sweet chestnuts, belong to the beech family. In addition to the sweet chestnut, we also know the horse chestnut. And yet chestnuts do not have their original habitat in Central Europe, but in Asia. They first came to our region with the Romans.

Tree of Life chestnut and the people

The chestnut tree of life accompanies people born between May 15th and 24th and November 12th and 21st. These people are known as:

The dependable chestnut people are an asset
they also want justice and diplomacy.

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