With our online marketplace we want to bring the market feeling to your home - colorful, diverse, eye-catching, loud, chaotic, individual and absolutely unique

  • As individual as you are

    Each piece is unique

  • Constantly new pieces of jewelry

    Very easy to photograph and describe

  • Special market prices

    Many promotions and attractive prices

Large selection - smaller price

In our markets there are not ten of the same earring model, but ten different individual pieces. We love custom-made products, because this way we can let our creativity run free and create new jewelry creations again and again.

It would go beyond the scope of what is possible for us to put every single item in the online shop with detailed images, photos of the item being worn, product descriptions including dimensions, etc.

That's why we now have our online marketplace! Here you get a huge selection of Astwerk jewelery - with simple product images and descriptions, but with a special market price.