Holzschmuck Astwerk Lebensbaum Ohrringe Linde in Silber

Linden tree of life

A much venerated tree of life in March

The lime tree is probably the Methusalem among the trees, because they can live up to 1,000 years. However, linden trees are not only known for their longevity. They are one of the most traditional tree species and have always been the focus of various festivities.

There are about 40 different types of lime trees. In Europe, almost exclusively small-leaved and small-leaved limes thrive. Depending on the species, these trees can grow between 15 and 40 meters in height. Unlike many trees, linden trees have a very special characteristic. They like to cross paths. That is why there are many mixed types.

Summer begins with the Linde tree of life

The linden blossom heralds summer in this country. It is a special food source for insects, bees and bumblebees. Lime trees love permeable, pH-neutral soil and lots of sunshine.

Linde-born are lovable, relaxed, versatile and often dreamy.
Her big heart is foaming with love.

From March 11th to 20th and September 13th to 22nd, the focus is on the Linde tree of life and thus also on the Linde people.
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