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Tree of life willow

A life giver

There are around 400 different types of pasture worldwide. The most well-known include the gray willow, weeping willow, willow and osier. Depending on the species, some willows can grow up to 30 meters high. Others remain low shrubs. The different species are not only beautiful to look at, they are also important food sources for bees and bumblebees. Like the willow, for example, which attracts insects with its blooming catkins in spring.
Willows like to have "wet feet". They love water-rich, moist soil and are known for their vigorous growth.

Characteristics of the willow tree of life

Honest, sensitive, resilient and creative –
nothing goes wrong with Weide people.

This is how you know and love them: the Weide-born. The willow tree of life is in season from March 1st to 10th and then again from September 3rd to 12th.

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