branch advent calendar

24 unique surprises

A unique astwerk product is hidden behind every little door. The total value of the calendar is 850€!

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  • Limited

    Only NOW at a discounted price

  • Exclusive

    Unique astwerk products that only exist in the calendar

  • Individually

    You can choose between gold, silver, rosé and mixed

  • handmade

    Each item is handcrafted with love

  • Thanks to the calendar, I finally tried something new! And LOVE now eg. also large and asymmetrical earrings. I would never have tried otherwise...

  • Next year again! I love the variety of jewelry!!

  • I got the calendar as a gift and didn't know you at first. I've been a regular customer since the calendar! ;)

  • 1-2 pieces of jewelry were not quite my style - I gave them away and they were extremely well received! So I had brilliant gifts right away!

  • I've had the calendar twice now and will definitely order it again next year! It's unbelievable how many new things you keep coming up with!

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You can choose between two calendar types

frequently asked Questions

When can I purchase the advent calendar?

From 18.6. the advent calendars can be ordered. But only while stocks last.

When will the advent calendar be delivered?

The calendar can be ordered now. After payment you will receive an order confirmation. The calendars will be delivered in November.

Can I have my calendar refilled from last year?

Yes very much! Just bring it over or send it to us and we'll fill it up for you again! You even get a €20 astwerk voucher for it :)

Is the jewelery only available in gold?

This year you can choose between gold, silver, rose gold or mixed.

What is the difference between the two calendars?

The calendar with 4 doors contains 4 pieces of jewelry that you can open on the Sundays in Advent. The pieces of jewelry result in a beautiful set with earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring.

The calendar with 24 doors contains 24 astwerk products.

What if I don't like a piece of jewelry?

If there is a piece of jewelry that you don't like or don't fit at all, you have the opportunity to make one of your loved ones happy for Christmas and already have a first Christmas present ;)

Do you have any questions?

Please tell us right away using our live chat function.

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