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Tree of Life Maple

The Versatile

Maple trees are particularly prized for their versatility. So they are not just the typical avenue trees. Their wood is also used to construct various wooden furniture. There are more than 100 different maple species worldwide, ranging from northern, western, central and southeastern Europe to Asia Minor and North America. In Central Europe, Norway maple, sycamore maple and field maple are the main species. Maple trees reach a height of 25 to 30 meters and can live up to 500 years. They are robust and love nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. They particularly like to grow near rivers, streams or lakes.

The maple tree of life and its special features

Maple natives are said to be:

Strong-willed, independent, dynamic and full of energy,
this is maple people's philosophy of life.

The time of the maple people is from April 11th to 20th and from October 14th to 23rd. Do you have a birthday during these periods or do you know someone to whom this applies? Then this is your tree of life. Find more in our Astwerk shop .