Holzschmuck Astwerk Lebensbaum Eberesche Ohrringe in Silber

Tree of life mountain ash

A real eye catcher

The mountain ash, also known as the rowan tree in our latitudes, is a native deciduous tree. The mountain ash is a real eye-catcher, above all because of its bright red berries. Mountain ash love sandy to loamy soil and can grow to a height of between 6 and 12 metres. Despite its considerable size, the rowan tree is one of the small to medium-sized trees. But it is not only at home in Europe. Asia Minor and Siberia are also part of their distribution area. Because they are particularly adaptable and provide accents with their magnificent colors, mountain ash particularly likes to decorate parks or gardens.

The mountain ash tree of life and its properties

People who are under the sign of mountain ash:

Sensitive, full of life, helpful and visionary -
for this one appreciates mountain ash people very much.

From 1st to 10th April and from 4th to 13th October the focus is on the mountain ash. Are you looking for a special, handmade gift made from mountain ash wood or do you want to treat yourself to something? Then discover our mountain ash tree of life in the online shop.