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Tree of life walnut

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Walnut trees originally come from warmer regions such as Asia Minor or Greece. Their healthy fruits have been known for more than 1,000 years. That is why it is also one of the oldest cultivated plants. But the wood of the walnut trees is also highly valued. It is one of the most valuable precious woods in the furniture industry and is used to build fine wooden furniture. Similar to the maple, the walnut can also live for many years. Some specimens are up to 600 years old. Nut trees love sunny, warm places and prefer humus-rich, loose soil.

The tree of life walnut and its characteristics

One says:

Walnuts are known for their contrasts,
Strength, passion and obstinacy are her guarantee.

Nussbaum people are born between April 21st and 30th and between October 24th and November 11th. Your tree of life is the nut tree? Do you know someone who was born in Nussbaum? Then you might find a suitable gift in our online shop.