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Tree of Life Ash

The World Tree

The ash is a true world tree and one of the trees of life in May. As a deciduous tree, it can grow up to 40 meters in height. Her crown likes to take on a round to oval shape. Similar to chestnuts, ash trees can live for several hundred years, although the chestnut grows a little older. The round to oval crown is supported by a thick trunk. This likes to reach a diameter of up to one meter.

The tree of life ash and its wood are so special

Around 65 species of trees and shrubs belong to the ash family. They feel most comfortable in alluvial forests or damp stream valleys. In Europe, however, only 3 species are widespread: the flower ash, the narrow-leaved ash and the manna ash. Ash trees have been valued for their properties for many centuries. Its leaves were used as animal fodder in the past. Their wood is easy to process and is therefore a raw material in demand in industry and in many wood-processing companies.

We use ash wood for our Tree of Life jewelry and use it to make beautiful earrings and bracelets. Those born between May 25th and June 3rd and November 22nd and December 1st are accompanied by the Ash tree of life. They say about them:

Ash-born have power,
are unconventional, independent, reliable and known for their perseverance

Are you enthusiastic about the ash? You can find our tree of life jewelery made from their wood in the Astwerk online shop or directly on site in Deutschlandsberg.