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Hornbeam tree of life

Popular and decorative in many gardens

Small but mighty – that probably applies to the hornbeam. With a growth height of up to 25 meters, it is not particularly large. But there is a lot in her. Because the undemanding deciduous tree is one of the most popular plants when it comes to creating hedges. That is why the hornbeam can be found in many gardens or parks in Central and Southern Europe. Contrary to what the name suggests, it does not belong to the beech family, but to the birch family. The crown of the deciduous tree grows round or elliptical.

Did you actually know: The hornbeam is one of the heaviest native woods. And yet it can be edited well. This is how unique trees of life made of hornbeam wood are created in our factory. Because this is available in many shades of color. The originally greyish wood discolours in the sun. This gives it a yellow-brownish color.

Tree of life jewelry made of hornbeam wood

As a tree of life, it appears from June 4th to 13th and from December 2nd to 11th. Hornbeam people are described as follows:

Hornbeam people are even-tempered, sensible, sensible and loyal,
as reliable friends they are awesome.

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