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Tree of life fig tree

A chic wooden exotic among the trees of life in June and December

One of our exotic woods is definitely the fig tree. Outdoors it can reach a height of up to 10 meters. Fig trees are mainly known from Mediterranean areas such as Spain. So it's no wonder that they particularly appreciate warm places with lots of sunlight. But old trees also defy the cold winter days in our region. That's why you see them more and more in the home gardens.

An interesting detail about the fig tree is that it dates back many years in history. Because it is one of the oldest cultivated and useful plants on our planet. Fig trees are characterized primarily by their yellowish wood. The sandy tone combines well with other colors. That's why it's also a real eye-catcher for us.

Jewelry made from fig tree wood

If you take a look at the trees of life in June and December, the tree of life fig tree is the focus of the tree horoscope from June 14th to 23rd and from December 12th to 21st. They say about these people:

Fig tree people love harmony,
a life full of joy, love and humor is her strategy.

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