Holzschmuck Astwerk Lebensbaum Set Birke in Silber

Birch tree of life

A beautiful and showy tree

What makes this deciduous tree unique? This is probably the conspicuous, black and white bark. That is why birch trees are also welcome in gardens or parks. The birch was and still is a very useful tree. Many things can be made from their bark, wood, leaves and twigs. Like a waterproof glue for example. There are around 40 species worldwide. They are undemanding and grow where other trees struggle. On bare surfaces or very damp soil, for example.

Properties of the birch tree of life

The wood of the birch is heavy but still elastic and flexible. That is why it is particularly suitable for us for the production of extraordinary pieces of jewellery.

The birch appears as a tree of life on just one day a year: on June 24th. Those born under the sign of Birch are described as follows:

Birch-born have strength, are self-confident and full of energy,
They direct with self-confidence and diligence.

Were you born on June 24th or do you know someone whose birthday is on this day? Then discover our lovingly made birch trees of life in our manufactory or in our shop.