Holzschmuck Astwerk Lebensbaum Armband Tanne in Silber

Tree of life fir tree

The Christmas tree among the Trees of Life

If you stroll through coniferous forests, you will sometimes still find them: the fir. The coniferous tree reaches an average height of about 40 meters. It is particularly easy to recognize by its white-silver-grey bark and the silvery, shimmering stripes on the underside of the needles. Unlike the spruce, for example, the cones of the fir stand upright.

The fir has a light wood. Their color palette ranges from white to light yellow. Sometimes it also has a gray or silver shimmer. If the fir wood is exposed to too much sun, it can quickly darken. But that's not bad. Because the discoloration gives it an unmistakable character.

Tree of Life Christmas Tree Jewelry

The fir tree not only decorates our apartments once a year as a Christmas tree. As a tree of life, it adorns its wearers as a special accessory. In the tree horoscope, the focus is on the fir tree from July 5th to 14th and from January 2nd to 11th. Tanne-born are described as:

Independent, hard-working and freedom-loving, Tanne people are well known, they go through life upright with brains.

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